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Relationship of the Swadisthan and Nabhi Chakras

Contrary to popular belief amongst many modern Sahaja yogis, the ascending Kundalini enters the Nabhi chakra and then the Swadhistan chakra, as these extracts from the early teachings of H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi indicate:

"The Swadhisthan Chakra is placed above the Mooladhara, the Abode or Seat of the Kundalini. In human beings this subtle centre controls its gross manifestation known as the Aortic Plexus. This chakra was created after the Nabhi Chakra (the solar plexus centre). It emerged like a lotus from the Nabhi and dangles in the centre of the Void."

"The Primordial Mother created the Adi Swadhisthan Chakra, which grew out of the Adi Nabhi Chakra. A lotus emerged from the navel of Adi Vishnu, and on top of that lotus Adi Brahmadeva was born. He is the Presiding Deity of the Adi Swadhisthan Chakra, and uses Divine Power for His role of creation. This chakra dangles in the Void in a clockwise circular motion. Adi Brahmadeva, who is the Deity responsible for looking after the material side of life, creates matter through the power of Adi Shakti. In human beings He exposes both material knowledge (Science) and aesthetics (Arts) which underly matter and its creation."

An anonymous yogi has written: The Swadisthan Chakra is suspended like a satellite on a cord from the Nabhi Chakra, and moves around the Void area giving sustenance to the ten petals of the Void (which represent Ten Commandments). When the Kundalini rises, it passes into the Nabhi Chakra first and then along the cord to enlighten the Swadisthan and then returns to the Nabhi Chakra to continue the journey to the crown of the head.

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