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Now as you have seen here people are from abroad, people are from Delhi, people are from Calcutta, people from Bombay, people from villages, people from various places. The idea of all of you coming here is to, is to create the understanding of the collective. As people start becoming collective and collective they do not bother others, they do not trouble others, but they give joy to others. They are not bothered about their going and coming, their eating and everything, they just don't behave like mundane, usual type of people. But they are very patient, Saburi as they call it. They are in the patience. Now this patience is most joy giving. Patience gives you the greatest joy. When you are patient you develop all your qualities. I think in patience you blossom the best. But patience is not be patient, be patient. Patience is also a kind of a state within us with just this patience, Saburi as they call it. You just watch and see. Wherever you are you are.

Now some people are worried that they must get into the bus. Some people are worried they must reach back home. Some people are worried they must get their food in time. According to them this is discipline. This is not. This is conditioning. But what is the discipline is of patience in Sahaja Yoga. Where you watch everything and you are patient. If you are in the bus you are there. If you are standing on the road you are there. If you are walking on the road you are there. On the contrary it is a good idea to walk. I wish I could but I can't because once I start walking everybody will fall at my feet. Nobody will spare me. So I am just imprisoned inside the house, inside the room all day long because I just can't come out. As soon as I come out I find there hosts of people standing outside. But your case is not such. You are free people. You are not bound like me. So it's nice to walk a little bit in the evening time, it's a good idea. It’s a very good idea, leisurely you can walk, that will digest your food. The food is rather heavy sometimes. It makes you feel better and just know that you are walking that's all. To feel that I have to walk, I have to go there, once you start thinking you get exhausted sitting here, even if you have not walked. So, it is important that patience should be made the discipline of life.

How much patient we are for anything, for anything. Now as you can see, I have to sit here before I don't come you can not start, till I have to sit here till you finish. You are all free you can get up, walk about, come whenever you feel like I am not. And how do I manage all this, is through my patience. But patience is my quality. It's my nature which I enjoy the most of all. Now I am sitting here, is nobody is there I am enjoying it. If I am lost somewhere I enjoy it. If I lost my way I enjoy it because I am there to enjoy myself. So I think we should make a practice now the Moon is out, beautiful moonlit nights, try to walk down, especially the Delhi people must walk. They don't just walk. In Delhi is all right because you can not walk about, there is danger and all that but here is better. You better walk, your health will improve. Sahaja Yoga will improve. Kundalini will improve. You'll feel much better.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, talking to western yogis on India Tour, Ganapatipule, 3/1/88

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