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So it's nice to walk a little bit in the evening time, it's a good idea. It’s a very good idea, leisurely you can walk, that will digest your food. The food is rather heavy sometimes. It makes you feel better and just know that you are walking that's all. To feel that I have to walk, I have to go there, once you start thinking you get exhausted sitting here, even if you have not walked. ... So I think we should make a practice now the Moon is out, beautiful moonlit nights, try to walk down, especially the Delhi people must walk. They don't just walk. In Delhi is all right because you can not walk about, there is danger and all that but here is better. You better walk. Your health will improve. Sahaja Yoga will improve. Kundalini will improve. You'll feel much better.

That's the good part of this remote place that nobody sees you. Nobody is bothered about you. You can live whatever way you like you can walk the way you like. There is nobody to bother. There is no need to have a competition or run about but just leisurely if you walk it is a good idea. I am not saying just to save some money out of the buses. But it is just to make you feel more healthy, just sitting all the time one feels very funny sit here, sit there, sit there, going in a taxi, going in a bus, going in a lift, you just don't move your legs. There is no exercise also in Sahaja Yoga. Walking is the best exercise for all the Sahaja Yogis as I told you. And that's why it is important that you all should try to walk a little bit, if possible. For there are ladies who have children, that is all right, old ladies, old men but even them it's a good idea to walk half a way and then you can go by buses. Something like that try to adjust yourself for these three, four days. You'll feel much better. I promise you will feel much better when you walk now.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, talking to western yogis on India Tour, Ganapatipule, 3/1/88

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