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Shri Rama and the Right Heart Chakra

1987-1004 Shri Rama Puja from Sahaja Library

The sweetness of Shri Rama, the way He used to make people feel comfortable, like I would say, an example of a oyster who gets a little stone into the body of the shell, takes out a kind of a shiny liquid and covers it with that shiny liquid and makes it into a pearl to be comfortable. Now, He didn’t want His own comfort. Rama is a little bit different that He wanted to make everyone into a diamond, or a pearl, so that the other person would shine and would look nice, and that’s how He felt comforted.

His qualities, if you have to imbibe, first of all we have to understand the innate situation of Shri Rama. Shri Rama is placed on the right hand side of your heart, right hand side, right heart. He’s placed there. Now in a human being there is no right heart. If you tell somebody there's right heart, they’ll say, “What, there are two hearts, or three hearts?” In our Sahaja Yoga we have three hearts: one is the left, another is the right, and one is the center.

Now the right heart is a very important thing. The right heart looks after the whole lungs, both the lungs, all the throat, the trachea, the nose, the inner part. The outer side is looked after, we can say, the features are given by Shri Krishna but the inner part of it is all done by Shri Rama. They are the same, but one acts as an inner part, another as the outer part. It gives you the ears, from the inner part, Shri Rama does. He gives you the eyes, in the inner part of the eyes. Now, it’s so important to have the inner side all right than the outer side. Is an example of Shri Rama, He never cared for the outer side or the outward looks of a person. Because He came before Shri Krishna, He tried to build up the inner side of a human being. So we can say, though He is on the right heart, He acts through your Hamsa Chakra and partly through your Vishuddhi Chakra in the inner side of it. Because Shri Krishna, in the inner side of it is Shri Rama, is Shri Vishnu.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Shri Rama Puja, Switzerland, 4/10/87

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