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The Grey Cells

One thing that I state now is not written in medical science, that the brain which is exhausting its energy all the time, from where does it get the energy? The grey matter you see is exhausted all the time. So from where does it get the energy? So this is the center [Swadhistan chakra] which gives energy to the brain. But when we are too futuristic, worrying type, we are very much, all the time working out then this energy of this center only goes to the brain. And all other organs do not get the energy sufficient.
H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Conference for Doctors, Italy, 2/10/98

Now this center is very important because it gives energy to our liver, to pancreas, to our spleen, to our intestines, to our kidneys, can you imagine such an important center it is! This Swadishthan. But the most important work it does is very - which I don’t know you will accept or not but it supplies energy to our grey cells which we are using all the time. When we are thinking too much, when we are acting physically and mentally, this center has to supply energy to our brain, we can call it to our grey cells which we are using all the time. When we are doctors, we are using our grey cells how much? We have no idea. There is nobody who has found out how much we use our brains but we are going exhausting our brains and also we are very futuristic. All doctors are futuristic. May be they want to find out something in the pure sense of the word or may be they have certain ideas or may be it is money, may be anything but they are very, very futuristic and in that trend of futuristic behavior also there is a big competition so they don’t know what to do. They have to be futuristic and think but what will happen.
(Address to Doctors, New Delhi, 6/4/97)

This center [Swadhistan chakra] also transforms the fat cells from the stomach for the use of the brain.
(Caxton Hall, London, 3/7/80)

The function of this center [Swadhistan chakra], because it moves like this, you see as you have got this thing, it moves and can also then contract. It’s like a lotus. So the function is to look after liver, and so pancreas and spleen, kidneys and intestines – one center. Also it has another very important work is to convert the fat for the use of the grey cells, energy.
(Medical Conference, St.Petersburg, Russia, 14/9/94)

So, integration is the aim of Sahaja Yoga and now, I think, I have told you how you can also go to the sub-conscious area, the same way. The sub-conscious area is on the left-hand side. If you move into collective sub-conscious area, say for example, you can be triggered into cancer. By this triggering you might get heart attacks and things like that, diabetes. Now, many people believe sugar gives you diabetes - it is nonsense. Sugar doesn’t give you diabetes. What gives the diabetes is too much thinking. Those who do not think too much never get. Indian farmers never get diabetes – they don’t know what disease it is. Because you think too much, you work too much, this center [Swadhistan] works too much. It has to create food for the brain, it has to replace the brain centres. And these brain centres are to be replaced. For that it creates out of fat the new centres, the evolved cells. And because of that work, if it is too much it neglects the other things which it has to work out throughout, one of them is the spleen, another is pancreas. And when it neglects the pancreas you get diabetes. Not by sugar. Of course sugar, because it has to convert it into fat. But if you do not have sugar then it’s a double work. If you have sugar it converts it into fat and makes it use the cells for our brain. But if you think too much, then – and you don’t take sugar it’s a double action. But if you just take sugar and do not think also can be problem, I think, because he has to convert too much of - into fat, you see. So, too much work is given, there is no balance. So, one has to understand that too much sugar is not good, but you must take sugar, because the sugar is needed - and stop your thinking.
(Talk, New York, 30/9/81)

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