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Hanumana’s whole life was spent in serving Shri Rama. And he was such a dedicated bhakta of Shri Ram. Now here the contrast is also that Hanumana had navadha, navadha siddhis, navadha siddhis, nine siddhis, anima, ganima, raguma, and all sorts of things, that he could become small, he could become big, so many things he had. Despite all these siddhis and the amount, the power he had, that Shri Rama once asked him that, “My brother, Lakshmana, is being hit and he’s very sick. I mean, he’s just dying, so you go and get a particular kind of a sanjeevani, a kind of a herb, which I want to rub on his head.” So he [Hanumana] went there and he couldn’t find it so he brought the whole of the mountain on his hand and gave it to Rama, “Now You select. I don’t know. I can’t find it.”

That is the Hanumana Shakti. And with all that power, He was such a humble person and such a dedicated person. This is the sign of a powerful Sahaja Yogi. Anybody who is powerful has to be humble and non-violent. Mahatma Gandhi used to say that, “What is the non-violence of the weak?” A weak has to be non-violent, what’s so great? That’s a policy or a kind of a protection that he has. So a weak person has to be non-violent because he cannot face, he cannot protest. But non-violence of the powerful is the sign of real non-violence. Those who are powerful, if they are non-violent, that means they are quite confident of their powers. Those people who are confident of their powers, why should they agress others? They just stand, “All right, come along, what do you want?” Even saying that, people run away. So those who are violent, angry, hot tempered, jump at everyone, torture everyone, trouble everyone, are the people who are very weak charactered. Their character is weak. If their character was all right then they would not have done all these things. That’s the sign of a person who is either possessed and under the influence of the possession - he’s doing that; or he’s too weak and he’s possessed by his anger because he doesn’t have that much power to bear anything.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Shri Rama Puja, France, 4/10/87

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