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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

I hope so many of you will become the Shiva tattwas in my lifetime. But don't think I'm asking you to suffer. There is no suffering in this kind of an ascent. If you understand that this is the complete joyous state, that is the time when you become Niranand. That's the joy named in the Sahastrara, the name of the joy is Niranand, and you know your Mother's name is Nira. So you become Niranand.
(Shivaratri Puja, Pandharpur, India, 1984)

All faces look like little, little flowers to me, holding my heart in their delicate petals. I didn't know how to control my tears, it was too much of joy. And they say, at Sahastrara one feels Nirananda. Nira is my name and the joy of nira. Today I experienced it on your faces which was reflecting in my heart, just as if the love has woven such beautiful poetry, so pure. And then Gregoire said that you are all going to meet me. I was very happy to know that we are all going to meet. ...
So now we have to realize that the Sahaja yogis have done so much, so much to channelize this Nirananda all over the world, so much. So I am very thankful to you for all that. And now we look forward to the people who are coming. They are coming here to enjoy the Nirananda and we have to see to it that we give them all that is Niranand. Niranand means just Kevalam. Kevalam. Ananda Kevalam is Nirananda. Kevalam, sheer, sheer joy, I mean nothing but joy, it's Nirananda. And this word “delight” itself is "of light," "comes out of the light" is, see, light and the joy, so much.
So this is: We are all enlightened. We are all Nirmalites and that's how you all are (in) joy. In everything that you see, you feel the joy pouring in. You can't understand how. You see something that you see everyday and there is joy.
(Talk on Nirananda, Vienna, 2/5/85)

It’s so nice to see so many of you here but a mother always has a little fear behind her mind. I hope there are not some people hiding behind the curtain in the garb of Sahaja Yogis and are going to bite sometime or are going to take away some good souls. So be careful, be watchful. Could be the jackals may be in your own mind, could be outside. We have to be careful. A day should come when nothing should disturb us, nothing should spoil us. I’m sure it will happen; all of us would be in that state, enjoying the complete bliss and emitting total joy - Niranand.
(Evening address, Guru Puja seminar, Gmunden, Austria, 5/7/86)

To enjoy Sahaja Yoga, in Niranand – absolutely without anything else but joy – then one has to know that he should give up all the myths with which he is living. All kinds of myths there are.
(Navaratri Puja 1994)

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