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You have to know yourself

At the very outset one has to know what is the Truth, what are we seeking. It’s quite clear that we do not know that. That’s why we run after things which are false, which are more attractive, but basically they are very dangerous, very dangerous. And that has been happening – I’m sorry to say - in every country that people are just trying to mislead all the seekers who are truthful, who are honest, who are innocent. So what is the Truth that you have to find? Is said in all the books in all the scriptures that you have to know yourself. We always talk like this: I like this, I like that, I want this, I… But, we don’t know who are we. Who am I? Ask that question to yourself: who am I? Am I this body? Am I this mind? What am I? And then you reach really honestly a point where you realise that you don’t know yourself. You even don’t know your body, you even don’t know your mind. With this kind of a confusion we are living and that’s why all kinds of problems come up.

First thing is that you have to know yourself. It’s possible. Now the time has come for you to know yourself. It’s been promised that these are the times when you will know yourself. For that I have to say that already our creator has done a good job in the sense he has put this Kundalini in the triangular bone. This bone is called as Sacrum, meaning sacred. Means the Greeks knew it was a sacred bone. And this Kundalini, the one which is within you, is actually your individual mother, your mother. So, this power is placed within you, it’s your own power, and your individual mother. You have a mother which is not shared by anybody. And she’s the one who is going to give you your second birth by which you will know what you are. It is absolutely yours. Somebody asked me: “How much do we have to pay?” I said: “It’s your own, how can you pay?”

And you have to believe that it is with everyone of us, all over the world. Whatever maybe your creed, whatever may be your religion, whatever may be your colour, it is with everyone, it is placed there. Just as every human being has a heart. This is such a global Truth that all of us have this Kundalini within us. To raise the Kundalini might have been a problem, once upon a time. And it was the tradition that only one person among thousands was given realization or was awakened this Kundalini – was very rare. But these are the times when it has to be en-masse. It has to be worked out. And there are so many seekers now also. They were never so many before.

But the problem with us is this - in modern times - that we want to know everything through our rationality or through science. Both these methods are not sufficient. If they were, there would have been no problems for us. We have to go beyond it. Like Einstein has said that there’s an area beyond our human mind which is called as Torsion Area. And all the truths, absolute truths are known when you enter into that Torsion Area. This Torsion Area has different names. For example in Sanskrit it’s called as Paramchaitanya. In the Qur'an it’s called as Ruh. In every religion it has been described. But as you know religion also what it has taken in many different shapes in the hands of human beings. Human beings have a speciality of spoiling everything. ... So, even the religions in the hands of human beings are completely, completely ruined. And that is how we are today facing problems. People who believe in one God are fighting among themselves. How can that be? So much of perversion that has come through religion. ...

When you get your Self-realisation, then in the light of your Spirit you see the Truth. And the truth you see what is good for you and what is harmful. You can see very clearly and you also have power to take to things which are good for you. You are no more a weak person and immediately you give up whatever is wrong and whatever is destructive. This has, absolutely has happened to so many people in Sahaja Yoga. Not only that but all other things, all other problems, addictions and things like that, identifications have dropped. Because that’s not the Truth. The Truth is you are a part and parcel of the great being. You are one of the cells of the great being.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extracts from Talk at Royal Albert Hall, London, 10/7/99


Michael said...

Thanks John - you do so much great work for us. We are blessed to have such a fine and meticulous scholar amongst us. Much appreciated as always.

John Noyce said...

Thank you for the kind comments. Sahaja research is collaborative, and I came across this extract in an unpublished mss of extracts from Shri Mataji's talks on the guru aspect compiled by another scholar who, living as he does in one of the world's 'hotspots', needs to remain anonymous. Thanks also to the anonymous transcriber, the equally anonymous yogis who recorded the talk, and to Her Holiness for the original guidance.