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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

Bhavasagara is the ocean of illusion in which we live.
(2nd Public program, Melbourne, 9/3/83)

Now, there is the existence, there is the creation, creative force, and there is the evolutionary force - all inside the Virata state. Now, this is at the Vaikuntha state, we say, because this state is on the first reflection. It is not in us – or we cannot feel it, the Vaikuntha state, because it is in the first. Then another state was created, then third was created, then the fourth one is the Bhavasagara, is the state at which all of us were born.
First, in the fourth state, - now, can you think of a four strata personality which is facing a mirror? Now, which is the first one shows? - is the topmost. And that’s why the topmost shows is the Bhavasagara. But if you can go deep down into your state, you can feel all the other three. But first of all, the one which you can see and feel it, is the Bhavasagara. So, you are born in the Bhavasagara. At this state you are at the Bhavasagara state. At this Bhavasagara state, now, you are created and you have to evolve.
(Talk on Creation, New Delhi, 22/2/77)

So first He [God Almighty] desired and He wanted to create. So He had to have his aspect of creator being put in and the second aspect of creator (can you show?) is the, this yellow line that shows here is the Pingala Nadi, called as Adi Pingala, the primordial Pingala channel by which He has created this universe. Now the center of this figure you can find this green round circle and this one is the one, is the space in which He created. He created in this space and that’s why this space is called as Bhavasagara. Is the Ocean of Creation. Bhava is the one that is created. Bhu, Bhava means the one… exactly it is the one that is done. Bhava is done, means created. So the Creator then produces all the stars and all the galaxies, solar plexus, lunar plexuses, all the so-called mandalas. He does all that work.
(Talk at Caxton Hall, London, 11/6/79)

Within us as you know in all of us there lies the principle of Guru. It’s very interesting to notice the Guru principle being drawn beautifully round the Nabhi chakra. We never see any chakras connected with the Guru principle. You see Nabhi and around is the Bhavasagara. So this Bhavasagara, which is the ocean of illusion, cannot be the Guru. So there are hidden chakras within this Bhavasagara within us, which are to be awakened and to be brought to light, to be manifested. As you can see that the limits of this principle are done by the movement of the Swadisthana chakra. Swadisthan is the chakra which gives you first and foremost thing is the creativity. A person who is a Guru has to be creative by nature, if you are not a creative person you cannot become a Guru. For example, you are faced with disciples with whom you have to converse, you have to create a word of Divine magic to impress on the disciples or the people who are attracted towards you as Gurus to show that you have much more Divine magic than them.
(Guru Puja 1989)

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