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Guru Puja 1979

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Today is the full Moon day, that’s why it is called as purnima. The guru has to be like a full moon, means completely growing, completely matured. There are sixteen kalas or the phases of the Moon, and when the complete purnima comes in, the full Moon day, all the sixteen kalas are completed. You also know that in the Vishuddhi chakra there are sixteen sub plexuses. When Krishna is described as Virata, He’s called as the Sampurna, the complete incarnation of Vishnu’s aspect, because He’s got the sixteen phases completely done. So today’s number is sixteen. Six plus one, seven.

Now we have to understand the importance of guru. Why should we have a guru when we have God? We’ve got Shakti, then why should we have a guru? What is the need to have a guru? Guru means the weight, the weight. We get our weight from the magnetic forces of the gravity of the Mother Earth. So guru means gravity, a gravity in a person. Why do we need a guru? Because to know God is easy, specially in Sahaja Yoga, to be one with Him. As soon as you get your Self-realization in Sahaja Yoga, the modern Sahaja Yoga, immediately you become entitled to give realizations to other. It was said that guru is the person who makes you meet the Divine. That’s not true, because any self-realized person in the Sahaja Yoga can raise the Kundalini and can give Self-realization to others, immediately after they have touched the Sahastrara or opened the Sahastrara. But normally a realized soul cannot do it. Any born realized soul cannot do it on its own, it has to have authority of Me as I am today.

That’s why it was said that guru is a person who makes you meet God; he raises the Kundalini and makes you one with God. Because in those days when the gurus were self realized, when the gurus were realized, they had the authority and power of raising the Kundalini only after they had reached a very great state of evolution – complete purification, complete detachment.

So it was not possible for people to give realization when they just touched realized state. Most of the gurus in the olden days started by first cleansing the people. First cleanse them, one by one, raise the Kundalini, brought it to every chakra and then gave them realization. It was a different technique altogether. You can say it was a bullock cart technique.

That’s why one mantra was given for particular chakra where was the problem, where the Kundalini was stopping. For about, some people used to get it for even for 10 years they would work out on one chakra. I’ve known people who have been working on Agyna for 10 years, 20 years. But you know in Sahaja Yoga we clear it out just like that. That has something to do with your particular guna.

So the first conception that a person who makes you meet God is the guru. Has to be little bit advanced because for you now it’s a child's play to raise the Kundalini and make them one with the divine. But still you don’t become guru in the Sahaja Yoga terminology. Even if you have vikalpas, you have doubts about Sahaja Yoga still you can raise the Kundalini. Even when your chitta, attention, is not clear cut still you can.. the pure truth, how? How it has worked out that way, so beautifully?

It has worked out I would say at this juncture, maybe later on I will tell you. But its pure divine, which is not contaminated by whatever state you may be, its flowing, absolutely pure divine. With others it was different, they had to cleanse it, clear it out. As an instrument you are perfect, but as a guru you are not.

Whatever maybe your defects or whatever you maybe lacking, you raise your hands the Kundalini will vibrate at your beck and call. On your fingers it is going to vibrate tremendous power. You can ask anyone they’ll tell you they are surprised and jealous of you. They can’t understand that how by raising your fingers that you are perfect instruments because you are created by somebody very perfect. But you are not perfect gurus, that one has to understand.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Guru Puja, Dollis Hill, London, July 1979. (1979-0708)

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