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Some Advice by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

When we really balance our gunas properly, then we become gradually the master of the whole situation. The attention doesn’t get dragged into things that we have been doing or that we have understood through our memories, or through our experiences or whatever it is. And is not also dragged towards too much on the right hand side that we try to overpower, or try to dominate someone. Because if you move too much that side you have seen it becomes blood. It is difficult for people to understand how, when people become very religious-minded, like now Iran, the movement is on the right - all the austerities, all that, everything. Now bloodshed.
(Talk on Attention, London, 26/5/80)

Iran, you know, is in a great trouble. ... But things will work out, you will see. It will work out and the country will change. Its all nonsense, will be over. As it is they are suffering too much. They are very poor and fundamentalism, it is eating them off. They are all fighting among themselves. This is no religion, this is no Islam, this is not what Mohammed Sahib wanted. It is very difficult to explain to them or to tell them about Islam, that this is Islam, and this is what is the truth.
(Talk, Cabella, 6/9/97)

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