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The limitations of Acupuncture

Acupuncture actually is the tapping of the power which is already within us. Now for example, you have a certain power in your stomach. Now this power is continuously supplied to your other organs in the stomach. It is used for that. Now through the sympathetic nervous system, the parasympathetic stores it and the sympathetic uses it. Now supposing there is a disease in the stomach. So now the energy in that vital energy, in that particular center, is sort of exhausted or is much less. So what do they do? How to get well that person? They take from another center, divert it, and put it there and that’s how they try to cure that. But by that they create an imbalance because you have a limited area. You have a limited, absolutely limited, energy. Supposing you have a limited petrol and another car you find whose petrol is all finished. Now if you put the petrol into another car maybe that car will go half way and you will also go half way finished. You understand my point? So both of them reduce your longevity. So it is the extraction of the energy which is within us, which is limited.

Sahaja Yoga is a very different thing. In Sahaja yoga your Kundalini rises and connects you with the all-pervading power. So all the time you are getting power, the vital power within you flowing. And there is no dearth of that power. It’s all the time flowing, the grace. But here when you tap one energy to another there’s no proper understanding how much to give, how much to balance. And there is no need at all. Once you are a realized soul supposing somebody has a stomach trouble you have to just put your hand on the stomach, finished. That’s the way you can cure. You can cure cancer, you can cure anything. Because you become the source of that energy and your energy is not limited, you are getting energy from the all-pervading power. You are connected with it so what ever you are doing, it’s just flowing like that and you just become a witness of that power which is flowing.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirnala Devi, extract from Talk on Sympathetic and Parasympathetic, London, 1980 (1980-0424)

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