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Gautama, Prince Siddhartha, known to history as The Buddha, (d. c.400BCE) was an Indian guru, and founder of what has become known as Buddhism. Shri Mataji has talked of the Buddha many times, in particular mentioning the sacrifices made by those who followed him:

They would go, get people from all the villages, whatever was possible, and would bring them to Buddha for a sermon – such sacrifices. They have lived in huts, caves, in terrible darkness, meditating; but they never got realization, very few got their realization. They were people who were sons of great princes and prince, dukes, what you call duchess, as you call – all very, very rich people. Women of very rich families followed him. And they walked for miles together with him in the thorny roads, because they felt that Buddha’s work was of such universal importance. (1985-0206)

Nb. Whilst the span of the Buddha's life is generally agreed as eighty years, his dates continue to be the subject of controversy, with the dates proposed by scholars now being up to two hundred years more recent than traditional datings.

from Saints, Sufis and Yogis: A Biographical Dictionary of Realised Souls

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