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Have patience with yourself

Now for the new people I have to tell, you have to have patience with yourself. You have to have patience. As I have patience for you, I have love for you, I am here only because of you. You also must have patience for yourself and full confidence in yourself that you’ll become the Spirit. If you have these two things, I’m sure it will work out. It is going to work out. Once you get your Realization you have to work out on other people, and gradually you will be amazed that it will grow, and it will convince you, and you will know that you have become the realized soul. But the realized souls are very simple people. If they say, “I am a realized soul,” nobody can believe them because there are no horns around them. No gurudom around them, nothing of the kind, they’re extremely simple people. So what is going to help you is a simple attitude toward yourself and toward these Sahaja Yogis, and towards Sahaja Yoga that you have come here to become the Spirit. We have to gain nothing from you. There’s no clientele as such, there’s no money proposition, nothing. It is you who have come to the Ganges, to take the holy water, it is you who has to take it. We are here to help you. If that attitude is developed I’m sure, with your co-operation, we can change the face of this world. And as William Blake has said in this Hampstead, “We have to build up Jerusalem here.” May God Bless you all.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, addressing the new people, Hampstead, London, May 1983 (1983-0512)

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