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The negativity within

The negativity that is around you is not so dangerous as whatever is in you. Today it has become subtler. The negativity has become subtler. It's entered into your being, and be careful – it may anytime topple you. Even one step you do not put right when you are climbing up, you can go down. So one has to be alert, without tension. You have to be alert without tension. And the alertness grows. When the light goes within you start seeing it. Immediately you see, “Oh, that's it! So I, the so and so – that's it.” And you know how to correct it and you know how to put it right. And immediately you take to it. Like a good sari now has something fallen on it, immediately you clean it. In the same way we have to be very, very alert; “daksha” is the word for that.

Now this was the work of the Goddess before. Goddess used to give enlightenment, and Goddess used to be alert for you. She would sit like a tigress for Her children. They are praying, they are doing puja, they are doing some sort of a homa, havana, so the Goddess would sit down, protect them from all negativity coming, all rakshasas coming, kill them, this, do that. But that stage is gone now. Now She’s entered into you.

So you have to kill your negativity, you’ve become as powerful as your Mother. No negativity can touch you. So you can give realization, you’ve got that power very well; and you can watch your defects more than that of others. And you try to put them out because they’re not good, they’re not for your benevolence, they’re not for your ascent. By that nobody is going to gain. At the collective level it just works automatically. You don't have to worry. It comes to culmination and a person goes out; as if somebody runs up like a blind fellow on a cliff and jumps, jumps down. You don't have to worry too much about this. It just works. You have seen it has worked that way.

Now another quality that you have: to believe that the Goddess is working through you. In you She resides, you have got the powers, it’s penetrated into you – is that you can comfort people, you can cure them, you can give them peace, you can give them bliss. But then what Goddess has done in you is that She has given you the bliss, you have become bliss. Like there’s, say, a cool air-conditioner, you get the cool from there. In the same way if you are emitting bliss, you give bliss to others. But (if) there is no bliss within yourself, what bliss can you give to others? So a Sahaja yogi has to be blissful like the Goddess.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Navaratri Puja, Margate, England, 1989

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Radoslaw said...

Thank U. Immense Mother's talk.