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This Nath yogi was a disciple of Gorakhnath. He spent much of his life in the caves and shelters of the hills of western India, including several years at Brahmagiri, near Tryambakeshvar, in what is now Maharashtra, where there is a cave known as Gorakhhagimpha. Whilst staying there, Gahininath took as his disciple a young boy, Nivritti, who accidently entered the cave.
Nivritti achieved his realisation, and in turn became the guru to his brothers, Jnaneshwara, Sopandev, and sister, Muktabai.
There are Maratha traditions that report a connection between the forefathers of Nivritti and Jnaneshwara and the Nath yogis, extending over four generations, which include a reference to Gahininath being the guru of Vitthal, the father of Nivritti and his brothers and sister.

from the biographical dictionary, Saints, Sufis and Yogis, available through

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Elixir said...

What an amazing happening! This is an important marker in history of Sahaja, when the tradition began to step out from the caves into the society with the initiation of Nivritti Natha. Thanks for sharing this info, I always wanted to know more details of the lives of Natha yogis.