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Guru Puja 1980: Conclusion

But today I authorize you to be the gurus, so that through your own character and through your own personalities, the way you practice Sahaja Yoga in your own life and manifest the light, others will follow you. And that you will establish the Statutes of the Lord in their hearts and emancipate them, give them their salvation, because you have got your salvation. You are the channels. Without the channels, this all-pervading Power cannot work out, that's the system. If you see the sun, its light spreads through its rays. From your heart the blood flows through arteries; they become smaller and smaller. You are the arteries which is going to flow this blood of My Love to all the people. If the arteries are broken, it will not reach the people. That is why you are so important; very, very important. The bigger you become, the bigger artery you become, then you encompass more people. By that also you are more responsible.

Guru must have the dignity, as I have told you last time. Guru means the weight, is the gravity. Gurutwa means gravity. You must have the gravity, by your weight. 'Weight' means the weight of your character, weight of your dignity, the weight of your behavior, the weight of your faiths, and your light. You become the guru not through frivolousness and vanity, cheapness, vulgar language, cheap jokes, anger, temper: all must be avoided completely. With the weight of your sweetness, of your tongue, the dignity will attract people, just like the flowers when loaded with nectar attract the bees from all over; in the same way you'll be attracting people. But be proud of that; be very, very proud of that, and have sympathies for others and care for others.

Now in short I have to tell you how you have to do it yourself, this, of the Guru's working. You have to work out your Void clearly. First of all, you have to know that the Void catches when you have a wrong type of a guru - you have had. You must know about your Guru entirely. Try to find out the character of your Guru. Rather difficult, because your Guru is very elusive, She's Mahamaya, not easy to find out. She behaves in a very normal way, and sometimes you are outwitted. But you see how in small things also, how She behaves, how Her character is expressed, how Her love is expressed, try to remember all that; Her forgiveness. And then you should know that you have the Guru which many people must have desired to have, which is the Source of all the Gurus. It is the ardent desire of even Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha to have a Guru like that, and They must be all jealous of you. But this Guru is very elusive. So to improve your Void, say that: 'Mother, You are our Guru'. Because of this elusiveness, that fear or that awe which is necessary, that respect which is necessary for the Guru is not established. Unless and until you develop that awe, complete awe within you, your Guru principle wont develop. No liberty is to be taken. I am telling you myself, but I am extremely elusive. Next moment I'll make you laugh and forget about it, because I'm testing your freedom to do it, complete freedom. I'll play with you in such a manner that you'll be forgetting every moment that I'm your Guru, every moment.

So first of all you must find out about your own Guru. Establish Her in your heart. I mean you have a wonderful Guru otherwise, I must say, I wish I had one like that! And She is desireless and sinless, absolutely sinless. Whatever I do, its not a sin for me. I can kill anyone, do whatever intrigue or do anything. I really tell you, that's a fact. Do anything, I am above sin, but I see to it that I do not do anything like that in your presence, so that you do not get one of these things, because that is My quality.

You have a very supreme Guru, no doubt, but still you must know that those powers of supremacy you don't have. I am above all these things. I dont know what are temptations are, nothing! I mean, I'll do whatever I like, its all my whim. But despite that, I have made myself very normal, and because I must appear before you in such a manner that you understand what is the Statutes. For me there are no Statutes. I make all the Statutes, isnt it? Because of you I do all these things and teach you every small, small thing, because you are still children.

In the same way, you must remember that when you are talking to other people about Sahaja Yoga, remember that they will see you all the time, and try to understand how far you are in it. As I understand you, you try to understand them. As I love you, you try to love them. I definitely love you, no doubt, but I am Nirmama, I am beyond love: its a different state altogether.

Under these circumstances you are better off, much better off, because no guru ever goes to that extent. Apart from that I am the Source of all the shaktis, of all the powers. So you can have all the powers from me, whatever you like. I am desireless, but whatever desire you have will be fulfilled. Even about me you have to desire, look at that: how much I am bound by you. Unless and until you desire my good health, I'll have bad health; it is to that extent. But to me, what is bad health and good health? And under these beautiful conditions you should really prosper so well. There should be no problem for you to be gurus.

Now, the Void is to be established. First of all you must know your Guru, and She is on every chakra working - imagine! What a tremendous Guru you have! With that you'll feel the confidence. And because it is such a tremendous Guru, everybody is getting Realization so easily. If you go to a rich man, for him he's not going to give you two pasa [pennies]. Because She's so powerful, you are getting your powers just like that. So you have to feel very happy about it, extremely happy and beautiful that you have got all these powers. At least, those who have been in Sahaja Yoga will know this, for some time; those who have come for the first time may be little bit puzzled with my lecture. All of you know, all of you know for definite what it is.

So to understand your own Guru power, you must know Who is your Guru: Sakshat Adi Shakti! Oh God, its too much! Then establish your Void. A guru does not bend his head before anybody else, and specially my disciples. Except for mothers and sisters and, you see, in some relationship if it is so, so you bow to that. But they do not bow to anybody else.

And secondly, you must know that your Guru has been the Mother of very great people. The thought of them itself should establish your Guru tattwa. What tremendous sons I have had, what great personalities. No words can describe them, and so many of them, one after another. And you are in the same tradition, my disciples. Keep them as your ideals. Try to follow them. Read about them, understand them, what they have said, how they have achieved such heights. Recognize them, respect them. You will establish your Guru tattwa.

Imbibe all the Statutes within you, and be proud about it. Don't be misguided by what people are talking, multitudes are talking. We are going to pull the whole multitude towards ourselves. First of all let us establish our weight, the gravity. As Mother Earth keeps everybody pulling towards Earth, we'll be pulling all of them to ourselves.

Today all of you must, within yourself to your Spirit, promise that you will be a guru, worthy of your Mother.

May God bless you.

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