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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

[Epilepsy] Cause: Movement of the attention to the extreme left. Collective subconscious is the state into which you go. This happens when you develop some fear or fright, being a weak person, on the left side. Also, when you happen to be involved in an accident – sudden fright or jerk.
Cure: Bring attention to the centre. To do this, first bring it to the right, by saying the Gayatri mantra. Then to the centre, saying the Brahmadeva-Saraswati mantra. On moving to the right, you start feeling vibrations. Stop at this point. Do not say anymore Gayatri mantra, because you must not go too much to the right. Too much to the right means, the frequency of vibrations start decreasing. It needs proper adjustment from one side to the other. It is important that you must get the vibrations. If not, repeatedly raise the Kundalini till you feel the vibrations. Another best way is to put the left hand towards the photograph and the right on the ground. Say Mahakali mantra, so that the vibrations start flowing. Use of the candle from the back side on the left, will also help.”
(Shivaratri 1987)

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