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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"If people become loving and affectionate, this soil itself will become fragrant. First thing we must learn to love each other, and not to hate anyone. ... How are we to bring the fragrance to this soil? This is only if the people living here have affection and love for each other. This is the most important thing. When creation took place it was only through affection, otherwise what was the need for nature to create all these things? All this is for what? It is to make you feel beautiful. All these trees are beautiful to make you feel good, to feel one with the nature. ...
Many people dont understand that Sahaja Yoga is not for them only; it is for the whole world. You have to give it to others and you have to bring forth what you call unity of love. In love you dont see wrong things. You just enjoy love. ...
Love is the biggest thing God has given to human beings. ...
We are all human being and we have a right to love and if you manage some how to love people some how, Sahaja Yoga will settle down. Sahaja yoga is like a tree which requires love as the water. Try this, try around your life and you will find how love pays itself. Not to be seen how much you spend, what you do. Its not you count all those things it is just like an ocean. You become like that typical personality of sahaja yoga. So all the sahaja yogis should decide today that we are going to forgive all the people we hate and we are going to love all of them."
(Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella, Italy 24/7/2007)

"Now what is there to be afraid of ? A man who is weak cannot love. Only a strong person can love. If you talk of love, first of all see whether you are strong enough to love or not. Loving is not an easy thing..."
(Dorset, England, 8/2/81)

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