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H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi explains and translates the Marathi song, JOGAWA:

Saint Eknath was from Pratishthana, called as Paithan, and he is the one, who has written this Jogawa, means the Yoga and at that time he sang this in a very village language and it is sung by so many people all over the Maharastra. You can imagine that this song was written so many years back and now they have converted into a kind of a - for Sahaja Yoga - but it is a very - absolutely precisely described - what they wanted at that time. Now, in the beginning he says - the Goddess of Maharasthra was called as Baya. You will be amazed - in my childhood my name was Baya. They use to call me in my family as Baya. So, he is saying that I will ask Mother to give me the Yoga. In the villages it is said Jogawa - again he says - 'Bayecha Jogawa'.

Now 'ANANDI NIRGUNI' the one which is without any gunas has manifested this Bhawani on this earth, and She has come to kill this Mahishasura. Also she has come 'TRIVIDH TAPANCHI KARAVAYA JHADANI' to remove our three types of heating pains and now She is going to come for our Nirvana, that time he had said, he says that what I will I do when she will come for my Nirvana-Dwaitya - I have got, means I am thinking about myself as separate from God. Dwaita is that you think this world is separate from God, then I will remove this Dwaita and I will put a garland to Her and in my hand I will take the flag of enlightened knowledge (already he is describing it) and without any discrimination about cast or religion or anything I will go to visit Her. Then what I will do, for nine days I will do nine types of Bhakti of this Goddess and then I will give up all other asking or anything and I will ask for a son who is knowledge.

Then I will do (this is a lady singing, he sings like a lady) so he says that this world is full of ego, Dambha is false pride, so I will give up that kind of bad son. It is the bad son and what will I do in the paradi (basket) is the place in which you carry flowers for the God. In the paradi I will put complete enlightened knowledge and all the 'ASHA MANISHANCHA' means all the desires and all aspirations. I will finish them, completely break them. 'MANOVIKARA VIKARA KAREEN KURVANDI' all my Manovikaras, you see all the mind, which is so much conditioned; (like they say in Hindi that you take out the bad eye). So I will take out as that from my mother earth. 'AMRIT RASACHI BHAREEN ME DHURDI - basket I will be filling with the Amrit Rasa that is the ambrosia.

'AATA SAZANI' (She is telling her friend) O my friend, now I have become completely detached, Nisang, and my husband who was a doubt, I have given up living with that husband of mine, means the doubt has disappeared from me. Then she says that the 'Kama and Krodha' these two are Mang, is the one, scheduled caste people who burn the bodies and I have given them up and what ever left I have made my - I have opened out my tunnel - that is of Sushumna - see now.

Such a Yoga I have asked and kept it with me when I got it. I went to the great door and I thanked the God Almighty and I have now come out of this life and death problems.

At that time he wrote all this and today you are getting the results.
(Navaratri 1988, day 5)

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