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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"In the nature one goes absolutely thoughtless. For Me it is such a pleasure to meet you all under the trees. There is a beautiful atmosphere created by these trees. How much they work hard for us - think about that. All is built-in, in them, built in to produce this chlorophyll, this greenery, and all that is built in them. But see how collective they are. You have to learn a lot from them. Every leaf is allowed to get the sun, every leaf. How they grow, how they are organized, how they behave like this, nobody thinks even - and what is it working out in them? They haven't got realization, but how do they work it out in such a beautiful manner? Because they are under the complete control of the Divine - absolutely, they don't have to worry. Even the animals are, that's why they are called as Pashu, means they are under the complete Pash. Pash is the complete control of the Divine and Shiva is called as Pashupati, He's the one who looks after all this affectionately and in a very delicate manner. All this is created for human beings. These human beings don't understand that all this world, which is created, is for the use of human beings, not for abuse - but use."
(Picnic at Richmond Park, London, 25/6/95. Sahaja Path October 2007)

"So the state that is awakened within you is called, is a new state of mind, in Sanskrit language it has a very beautiful name, Ritambhara Pragnya, which is a very difficult name. Ritambhara is the name of the Nature and that the whole Nature one feels is enlightened. ... So this special thing is your own state, where you are feeling one with Nature and the Nature is feeling oneness with you. So the Divine itself is expressing through Nature, through various happenings, through various incidents, the love, the protection, the attention that the Divine is giving – and there’s no end to it. It just happens, and people don’t know how it happens, but that is what is the state of Samadhi.”
(Lodge Hill seminar, England, 23/7/83. Nirmala Yoga no.19)

(photo from Axinia's 1000 petals weblog)

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