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Jesus Christ was born at Diwali

Many years ago in London, Shri Mataji spoke about star signs. She mentioned that Lord Jesus was born under the sign of Scorpio, which is the sign of death and resurrection. He was actually born at Diwali, which falls at the time of year which is Scorpio in the astrological calendar. Diwali is celebrated in India in October/November as the Festival of Lights.

The chakra of Lord Jesus is the Agnya, and this is the chakra associated with the light element. So it is only right that Diwali is the festival of lights. Also, for the Christians Lord Jesus came as a light to lighten the darkness; so again there is the connection to light.

The birth of Christ is celebrated on 25 December because for nearly seventeen hundred years this has been traditional in most of the churches. The ancient and politically powerful Romans adopted Christianity in the third century CE/AD, and changed the date of Christmas to 25 December, because of various pagan Roman festivals which fell on and around that date. So now, of course, Christmas is on that date. But, as Shri Mataji explained, He was actually born at Diwali.

(LW, India; Light of Love weblog)

Hania (Poland) adds:
I found some interesting info about the birth of Christ. One Polish astronomer (Mrs. Jadwiga Donatowicz from the Technical University in Vienna, Austria) made a simulation in which she showed that on the 12th of November in 7BC there was a great conjunction of two planets - Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces. Moon was in its last phase so was not visible and this conjuncion was placed within a conus of zodiacal light. Shri Mataji has said that Christ was born in the darkest night. This astronomical event (Jupiter and Saturn together) was so rare and at that time so prominent that even about 20 years later in Syria (Antiochia) Silanus made coins with a huge star. There is a photo of this simulation (and coins) - two bright planets and the conus of light pointing towards Bethlehem. It is in Polish language but anyway here is the link.

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