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Devi Sukta

I move with Rudras and with Vasus,
I move with Adityas and all Gods by My side, and both Mitra and Varuna I support.
I support Indra, Agni and the Asvins.

I uphold Soma, the destroyer of the foe.
I sustain Tvastri and Pushan and Bhaga.
I reward with wealth the offerer of oblation and the devout worshipper pouring the Soma.

I am Queen, the Gatherer-up of treasures, the Knower, the First among the Holy Ones.
The Devas have established in many places, Me who lives on many planes, in many a form.

The man who sees, who breathes, and who hears what is spoken through Me alone obtains his sustenance.
There are those who dwell by My side but know not.
Hear thou who hast hearing: I tell thee the sacred truth.

Yes, I myself say this, - and these My words must needs be welcome to Devas and men -
One whom I love I make mighty – make of him a Brahmana, a Rishi, a gifted man.

For Rudra I stretch out the strings of His bow to slay the fierce enemies of the Realised Souls.
And for the people, I engage in battle; and through the earth and the heaven I spread.

And on the summit I bring forth the Father.
My home is within waters, in the ocean, from where I extend to all existing worlds;
and yonder heaven I touch with My forehead.

And it is I who, like the wind, breathe forth Chaitanya and set all existing worlds in motion.
Beyond heavens and beyond the earth am I, and all this have I become in My splendour!

(Rig Veda 10:125)

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