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"Before independence in this country [India] I remember we had to fight the British, and what patriotism people had at that time. I remember once we had gone to see a hockey match, and my father always had a national flag on it, that time it was not national it was congress flag in the car. So the soldiers came, they said, “Take down this flag.” So my driver got down he said,” You cut my throat first and then you take down the flag”. We all children joined him and they were shocked, went back.
Such enthusiasm, such patriotism came at that time when we were fighting these people. But they divided us and created a problem for us. And you know before we could enjoy any fruits of our freedom, we were fighting, we were divided. I don't know whom to blame for that. If we had not accepted this division, there would have been no problem. But they accepted it. Now, poor Bangladeshis are so, so, so poor. If they were one with India, they would have been much better. And what is Pakistan? It's just an empty place you know, no industries, nothing. That's why they are all the time talking about Kashmir, Kashmir, they have nothing else. Their own country people are having fights, this that, but there's no growth." (H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 12/4/94)

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