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Orphic Hymn to Nature

O Nature, mother goddess of all, artificer mother, celestial, venerated, goddess of richness, sovereign, all subduer, untamed, steering, lighting all, almighty, nursing mother of all, undecaying, first born, legendary, enabling us,
Born of the night, all wise, light bringing, powerful in restraint
The track of your feet is whirling and silent motion
O sacred one, cosmic Mother of the Gods, unending one, bringing all to completion, common to all, but belonging to yourself alone, self-fathered, yet without a father, beloved, gladsome, great, flowerlike, garlanded, beloved, accessible and wise, leader, accomplisher, life giving, all nourishing maiden, self-sufficient, justice, combining in yourself all the Graces presiding Goddess of earth, air and sea, bitter to the worthless, sweet to those who honour you, all wise, all giving guardian queen of all,
Bringing food, freely endowing us with ripening plenty,
Thou, father, mother of all, with us as nourisher and nurse, swift birth giver, blessed one, rich in seed, begetter of the seasons,
Creator of all, shaper, source of all richness, sea goddess, everlasting, setting in motion, all wise, full of care, never failing, you whirl with quick force.
All flowing, circular in motion, shape shifting,on your fair throne, you are honoured, alone you perfect your design,
Loud thundering you sit above the rulers,
Fearless, all subduer, you are destiny fiery goddess of fate
You deathless, are everlasting life and know the future.
You are the all and you alone create.
But Goddess we pray you in good season lead us to peace, health and increase of prosperity.

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