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Gagangiri Maharaj

I’ll tell you once how I worked on a really great soul called Gagangarh Maharaj. It’s an interesting story. This Gagangarh Maharaj used to live on a hilltop and he would never see people. He was a very angry type of a man. He’s John the Baptist and all his legs and hands were broken and he travels on a tiger. Very hot-tempered. Went to see him and every Sahaja Yogi was saying, "Why are you going to a guru?" I said, "See his vibrations."

So I climbed all the way see him and it was raining heavily and he’s supposed to be in charge of rains, he can control the rains, you see. He’s a very big, powerful man and the rain would not stop. It was pouring and pouring and pouring. I got completely drenched by the time I reached there, he was very angry, you see, sitting on a block of stones. He was just going on like this, with anger. I was smiling at him and I went and sat in his little cave till he came back.

He said, "Mother, why did you not allow me to control the rain? Was that to kill my ego?"

I said, "No, not at all. I never did that."

He said, "But why didn’t you stop the rain? Why didn’t you allow me to stop the rain? You are all drenched."

So now see how I played the compassion on him. I said, "See you are a sanyasi, isn’t it? And you have bought a sari for me. I can’t take a sari from a sanyasi, so I had to get drenched otherwise I’ll have no excuse." And the whole temper went away, you see, just, he just fell at my feet and started crying and said what love!

And I said, "There’s another point, that the water was flowing on my body and was completely covering all these beautiful hills and dales and tomorrow we’ll have all the greenery lush there for you to enjoy, isn’t it? What does it matter for me? Rain or no rain, makes no difference to me, I’m quite all right."

And he brought out a beautiful sari for me there. He said, "You knew about the sari."

I said, "I knew."

He said, "How?"

I said, "Love knows everything, doesn’t it? Love gives you eyes, ears, everything."

(H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Q+A after Talk at Shri Krishna Puja, New York, 18/8/84)

Born in 1906 at Patan in south Maharashtra, this yogi visited Gagangad in 1935 and by 1940 had made it his abode. That is how he got the name Gagangiri. In the early 1970s he sent seekers to Shri Mataji with the comment, "the Adi Shakti is in Bombay, why have you come to me?" He passed from this life on Monday, February 4, 2008.
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(added 2/10/2011)


Michael said...

Amazing story uncle, thank you very very much for sharing it

Vic said...

This is a moment for silence and remembrance of this great soul.

Anonymous said...

Overwhelming... The way he fell at Her feet, crying, makes us remember all our own previous lives, when we did the same thing, over and over again.

Smakuhle said...

What an Enlightenment! I always heard / read about Mother's meeting with this great soul, now we are privileged to know a little more about him. May his Spirit quickly return to Enlighten more of us and help to spread the Enlightenment again and forever!
Thanks John.

Bokwe Mafuna.

Manish said...

I surrender to the Love and Compassion of our beloved Mother.

John Noyce said...

A reader by the name of Hemang posted an angry response with two uses of the b***t word. This is the publishable part of the comment:

"I am the follower of Gagangiri Maharaj from last 30 years and have never seen him getting angry at anyone. I know so many people who were with Gagangiri Maharaj from the day he was doing meditations. I know also the fact, the Mother that you are reffering always used to come to take advice from great Yogi Gagangiri Maharaj and you guys are writing this *@!* story. If you dont know the truth just ask and you will find the answers. For that you have to go to his ashramas to know more about him."

Reply by John Noyce:
Dear yogi Hemang
Your anger as a disciple is understandable but somewhat weakens your argument surely?
I'm happy to continue the dialogue if you so wish.

Steve said...

Gagangiri Maharaj has never been observed angry. This is new to me& surely many. Unbelievable.
Can't understand who is trying to prove what?

Jay said...

Though nothing else than our respect to Gagangiri Maharaj is to be proven here, I just got the good news that the audio tapes taken on that day should be made available sooner or later.

Alejandro said...

I just ran into a talk, given one year after this one, where Mother says about this saint:
"Try to rise. Do not dominate each other; respect, respect each other. You are out for a very big work of Virat. How much you know about the Divine, nobody has known so far. But fix up yourself. I have known of a very great saint called Gagangarh Maharaj who’s fallen down completely. If a person like him can fall down, you also can fall down if you do not understand what is your worth, what is your value and what is the position you are given." (1985-0206: A New Era - Sacrifice- Freedom- Ascent, India tour, Bordi)

kc said...

Could we get the audio tapes? would like to hear the conversation if possible!

kc said...

jsm.... Could we get the audio tape conversation on CD? or the link if its uploaded to any site please.....

mylifeforgagangirimaharaj said...

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