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Interviewer: Is Sahaja Yoga like Sufism? Islamic spiritualism?

Shri Mataji: Not 'ism'. That's the difference between the two. Anyone can call himself a sufi. It's not an 'ism'. 'Ism' means a kind of theory or a kind of group who believes in something. It's not like that. Sahaja Yoga makes you a sufi. Sufi means 'cleansed'. It cleanses you and you get rid of all these horrible things and you become a transformed person. Most of the sufis didn't know how they became sufis. They were born like that. And the others who talk about that, like Tao. You must have heard about the Chinese thing, Tao; when they describe a sage, they say a sage is like this, like that. But how does he become like that? So that part is missing, even in the sufi theories. How you become a sufi? Just by going round and round, you don't become a sufi. By following a certain code of life, you don't become a sufi. What does it, is Kundalini. That has to rise.


Interviewer: Turkey is located in the middle of several volatile regions. For example, the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Middle East with its present Israel and the Palestinians. Can Turkey and or Turkish Yogis play a role in bringing peace to these regions?

Shri Mataji: Of course. Why not. Of course. Turkey has one very great blessing. It has had so many sufis. And if you read them, it is a description of Sahaja Yogis. They didn't call them Sahaja Yogis but they were because they are described to be like this or that and when they tell about their own experiences in poetry you are amazed to see they are talking like Sahaja Yogis. That's the reason. Because of that blessing, Turkey has become very important for me also. That spirituality will definitely take a shape here and maybe, I almost feel, that Islam will be, really be shown in Turkey very well and maybe it will help people to correct their ideas about Islam.

Turkish Daily News, 27 April 2001

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