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Trimorphic Protennoia

I am Protennoia, the thought that dwells in the Light. I am the movement that dwells in the All, She in whom the All takes its stand, the first born among those who came to be, She who exists before the All. Protennoia is called by three names, although She dwells alone, since She is perfect. I am invisible within the thought of the invisible One. I am revealed in the immeasurable, ineffable things. I am incomprehensible, dwelling in the incomprehensible. I move in every creature. …

I am a single One (feminine) since I am undefiled. I am the Mother of the Voice, speaking in many ways, completing the All. It is in Me that knowledge dwells, the knowledge of things everlasting. It is I who speaks within every creature and I was known by the All. It is I who lift up the sound of the Voice to the ears of those who have known Me, that is the Sons of the Light.

Two extracts from a remarkable text from the 2nd century CE.

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