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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"The Kundalini leaves the Mother Earth as a reflection, and what does she do within us to build us up, in which way? So it is the primordial Power which is coming out of the Mother Earth. Mother Earth itself acts like a Mother. She looks after you, she gives you whatever you want; and another miracle thing is that the highest tree is a coconut tree, and a coconut will never fall on any creature or any human being. That means it’s all thinking, all understanding, all consciousness, all awareness is coming from the Mother Earth. But we never understand it. As it is we take for granted.
Now what does she do for us, for us human beings? She’s the primordial Power. What she does is to build in us a primordial – we can call “restrictions” or “primordial taboos” or “primordial dharmas.” For example, you see the steel is here. It has its own dharma, it cannot behave like wood. Wood has its own dharma, it cannot behave like silver. They all have their dharma and they are bound in that dharma. Everything that is in the nature has its own dharma. ...
We have in the same way primordial taboos built within us which are dharma. A human being has to be like that. If he tries to be something else, something goes wrong with his life. It’s like say if you have a glass, you drop it on the ground, it will break – that is the dharma. In the same way when human beings start deviating from the line of dharma, they get into trouble."
(Shri Ganesha Puja, September 1997)

"This is to be understood very clearly that the Sahaja Dharma is that you are just free - complete freedom from lust, greed and all nonsense. You are above it. You are above - this Sahaj Dharma is above the Dharma established by Shri Krishna or by Shri Rama. Because you have reached that state. It’s in complete freedom you have to be dharmic. Whatever is not good for you, you should not do. I don’t have to tell you that, “You don’t do this or you don’t do that.” Whatever I say may not be acceptable but immediately your vibrations will tell you.
This is Sahaj Dharma. In the Sahaj Dharma, you get rid of all kinds of, as they say: kaama, krodha, mada, matsa, lobha, moha. Means - lust, anger, attractions, then [hindi words] – greed, greed; that’s very important, greed – greed. And attractions."
(Shri Krishna Puja August 1997)

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