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World Realization Day



You should not be satisfied with what you have got. It’s very easy to feel, "Oh, now we have got Realization, now what is there? We are on top of the world!" That’s not so. You have to go out, talk to people. They will insult you, they’ll trouble you, they’ll do all kinds of things. But you are already a person, already a realized soul. You can listen to them, what they are saying; you will not ask for anything, but you’d like to do good to them. This is also a compassion, that you don’t want to keep your Realization to yourself, but you want to do it for others also so that they also get Realization, it’s very important. If you do not feel that way, the pity for people who haven’t got Realization, think of the times you were not realized. These people are also not realized and they are having a bad time, they can be in for any trouble.

So now, it’s not that if you have got Realization you settle down with it - no, that’s not the way; but you should go all out to see that you give Realization to others, and save them. You all have got Realization not for your sake, it’s not limited for you, but it is meant for others, that you have to give it to others. And as soon as you’ll start giving it to others you’ll be amazed, so many qualities in you will come up; because when you see others, you find that what is lacking in them, what do they need, what you have to give, how you have to give. You can become anything, you can become a poet, you can become a writer, you can, anything can you become, in case you face others. Then it comes as a reaction within you, all these qualities develop, and you become a very good, I should say, artist. This is only possible if you meet other people and talk to them about Sahaja Yoga, and tell them about your Self Realization.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Guru Puja 2002

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