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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"We are so much dependent on electricity, is not a very good thing. So we should have always provision for something natural. We should keep some lanterns and things, and should try to live more with the Nature than with this electricity. I tell you, this electricity is responsible for spoiling our eyes very much. Supposing we had used those lights which older generation had used, we would never have strained so much our eyes as we are with this electricity, because, not that it gives us light, but also it takes away light from our eyes. So, too much use of electricity is made us like slaves to it. As you know that in America once the electricity failed and so many people died. So it’s more to depend on natural things, and this is a good trend that you have, that you try to have more natural surroundings, more natural places to live in."
(Shri Ganesha Puja, Gidgegannup, Perth, Australia, 9/2/92)

"Now, we have very sophisticated places in the West, very sophisticated. You know they have everything electrical, you push the button and everything is there. Specially in these modern planes when I travel, I don’t know which one to push because they are so slim and so delicate you see, need a special artist to do that. All this is for what for getting more money, and more money and impressing people. But at the same time people are fed up; when all these sophistications are on. They are fed up with computers, they are fed up with electricity, they are fed up with cement, they are fed up all kinds of artificial thing, is a fact. More, more, much more in the West than in the developing countries. They are just fed up. Now this is the force, this is the strength. Why are they fed up? They are fed up because they have realized it doesn’t give you joy. It doesn’t give you soothing feeling. It irritates them. So it is against human mind, human character or human civilization, something inhuman."
(Shri Adi Shakti Puja 1995)

"After some time you won't be using hands or head or anything, it will be that microchips will be going on. But with this kind of a thing, with this extreme behaviour, you'll become a machine yourself. A slave of the machine. Today the petrol is exhausted, tomorrow electricity is exhausted, then what are you going to do. You don't know even to count two plus two. So you are left without any counting, you'll become the same primitive man and I don't know what you will be doing, climbing on the trees and living like monkeys, I don't know what will happen."
(Talk, Caxton Hall, London, 18/5/81)

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