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Sahaja Yoga in Ras Al-Khaimah (UAE)

Ed Saugstad writes:
An Austrian Sahaja Yogi gives self-realization to an Arab millionaire at a fair in Vienna, and is invited, cost free, to participate in a fair on the Persian Gulf ...

"Last Friday we did not have any center in RAK as Mrs. Swati went for her annual vacation for around 4 months, well... We did not know what to do and where to conduct the center, as there was no place, our seaside center also has to wind up as summer is on.
RAK Sahaja Yoga team sincerely prayed to Shri Mataji to solve the problem, and seems prayer is heard.
Possibly, during that time, Reinhold, a Sahaja Yogi from Austria, was participating in one of the Exhibition in Austria with Sahaja Yoga stall. Exhibitors approached him and invited him to participate in trade show in RAK - in a few days, he was on the plane to RAK (Hall…free-of- charge, returned air ticket… free-of-charge, hotel accommodation… free-of-charge, all from the exhibitor). He landed in RAK on 12th or 13th May.
We met him on 14th May, Wed., provided him with all the support material for the exhibition (including pullout chart of Medical and Certificates given to Shri Mataji around the world.)
13th May Tuesday, the day before Exhibition, in Hotel Al Hamara Fort, where Reinhold is staying, gave Self-Realisation to one of the richest man of RAK, and that gentlemen promised to come all the 3 days and learn how to do Meditation.
The exhibition started at 6 pm with opening ceremony by H.H. Sheikh Saqr Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah. What happened then is truly momentous: His Highness, visited our stall. After looking at extraordinary Picture of our Divine Mother, asked who is She? After explanation, he requested for some pamphlets, and Reinhold obliged, till 12 am Reinhold, Abhinav and Anita , were giving Self-Realisation. So far, around 350 people got their Self-Realisation (including 20 children), which includes Indian, locals and other Arab nationals.
The Center of attraction was the extraordinary and beautiful picture of HH Shri Mataji, which created such powerful aura of Vibration around, everybody was sort of drawn towards the stall. The most common question again was asked ‘Who is She?’
We did not have the interpreter to explain in Arabic, promptly that also was arranged. One Arab origin lady working in the nearby Paris Gallery shop, took her Self-Realisation. Soon she become part of our Sahaja Yoga stall and started talking about Sahaja Yoga in Arabic to all the Arab visitors.
Jai Shri Mataji!"

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