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Alcohol is a polish

Alcohol was created for polishing, it’s very good for example if you have to polish your crystal, you should use gin is very good, for diamonds or anything. Is just a polish, it’s a polish for anything, it gives a polish. You see alcohol is a polish and its composition is such that it gives a polish to a thing.
Now God wanted you to have polished surfaces and polished things and all the clean look of it so He gave you this polish. Now you started drinking it, now what to do? He never asked you to drink, but if you drink that, then it polishes your intestines also. But it has its own nature. It doesn’t have any idea of morality, poor thing what, we can’t blame the alcohol, because it is suppose to polish, wherever you put it, it polishes all right, so it polishes your liver also nicely. And when the liver is nicely polished then what happens that the heat from the liver, which is for the expulsion from the body, it has to pass into the bloodstream, cannot because there’s a barrier and because of that barrier poor liver does not know what to do. It just goes on accumulating all the heat within it and that’s how your liver goes out of circulation of anything, and you have liver problems and you feel very giddy, nauseated, and liver is the one which really cleanses your attention. Whatever you gather from your attention it cleanses. So you become horrid, I mean you are all the time angry, hot-tempered, you bark at people all the time, all that thing is typically liverish you see.

(H.H.Shri Mataji Nimala Devi, 3rd Public Program, Sydney, 27/3/81)

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