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Maori culture and Sahaja Yoga

There are many things in maori culture and also of every culture, that are Truth, and it has been an interesting sometimes difficult journey sifting through the conditionings to find the truths of maori culture. I initially saw all the negative aspects of maoridom and it has only been through Sahaja meditation,that I have been able to learn the depth of knowledge and history of Maori culture. It has been enlightening to find that the truths in maori culture are the same as those of every other culture! The love, the truth and the Peace of God. I know this sounds quite profound but I sometimes cant believe how Shri Mataji has brought us all together albeit we have different cultures,languages, creed,and colour and yet we are still one!!! Jai Shri Mataji!

interview with Meri Marshall

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Beautiful! Vibrational treat