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The Father

Question: What is your idea of God?

Shri Mataji: My idea... It’s not only idea but it’s the truth I can feel about God. God is difficult to put it in words, is the witness of the play of His Power. He is separated from His Power and He’s just witnessing the play of His Power. And the Power is creating, is protecting, nourishing the creation, and evolving it. Till this play is up to the animal stage, everything is under the control. But to give it a greater freedom they have to give first freedom to human beings at the same time. So this freedom was granted so that you learn what is your mistake, what is your right thing. You decide it. You develop yourself with that. You create a balance within yourself. And then you ascend to the Spirit, by which you know God’s power flowing through. This is all the game. It’s in short I’m telling you. So this God is the witness of this play. He’s the Father, you can say, and His power is the Holy Ghost. And He sends His Son on this Earth to redeem the people, to play a very important part, Christ, in our lives. And all other Incarnations, all of them have a meaning and a place within ourselves. Christ also has a special place within which is the gate of the limbic area.

(Interview with journalist, Melbourne, 8/3/83)

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