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A poem

I looked up at the morning sky,
As a dream passed me by.
Everything was blurred
and I was brought into a light
Up came this lady, she said
please don’t get a fright
Only with this tiny swirl,
Your kundalini will start to twirl;
Let it reach up high,
Higher than the sky.
Today is a new beginning
Let your heart be right
And let your path be bright
Don’t let anything bring you down,
And you have to be cleared
if you want to hear my sound.
Now stroll along the path to heavens,
Take the first step and try to reach
the seventh
Feel the Everflowing Ocean of bliss,
And try your best to create peace.
That is all you have to do,
Let Shri Ganesha guide you through.
Please light up the lamp of others,
And spread this wonderful joy of Mother’s
Fulfil Her dream, Her goal and Her desire,
and let Her love spread as fast as fire.
The lady and the dream
started to fade away,
And there was only one thing in my mind,
To make this world
go towards the right way,
And spread to everyone,
Mother’s Joy and peace divine.

Lim Shan Shan (International Sahaja School, Dharamshala, year IX)

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