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The Lamp

Jesus said (to his disciples):
"You are the lamp that illuminates the world."
Gospel of the Savior 97.20-22

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi said (to her disciples):
"You are a lamp that is burning a light, which enlightens others in their mind. It’s a very great thing."
(Powers bestowed upon Sahaja Yogis, Bordi, India, 21/1/80)

"Give the light! Finished! Keep your lamp clean, and give the light. That’s all. Nothing else is needed."
(Guru Puja, London, 2/12/79)

"So now this Power is within you and is absolutely in perfect condition. You will be amazed, the innocence that we have is never lost. It is sometimes clouded but these clouds also get absolutely cleared out. And really we become a very innocent personality radiant with Divinity. It’s like a lamp or you can say a candle. You can enlighten a candle with another candle which is enlightened and this can go on. This is how it is because the time has come, and I call it the blossom time."
(Public Program, Sydney, 22/02/95)

"Like the meaning of Diwali – that is, as the lamps are lit outside – similarly, it should be lit within you. And you must also realize that you are like the lights in this world of darkness. You are the lamps and you have to emit the light. But if it has not been able to be enlightened fully from within, then how can you emit light?
I am telling you all this because no one spoke about it like this before. I am telling you on the day of Diwali that we are going to celebrate the joy and light the lamps within our hearts. In it, with that light, we can see who is what and who is cheating.
What is Sahaja Yoga? Sahaja Yoga is love. It is love. Awaken that power of love that is within us. Today is a very auspicious day and we have to light the lamps in our hearts and take up the resolution that, even if we have to die, we won’t tell lies. We already have such people with us.
Now your lamps are lit. You are all lamps. You should see all this in this darkness. You are the lamps and the lamps are to sustain the light. We have to wipe out this darkness."
(Diwali Puja 2007, Noida, India)

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