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Sahaja Yoga in Lebanon

The public programs in Lebanon from 6 to 8 June 2008 were marvelous.
At the Music Academy, about 21 received their realization. Four new seekers requested to have weekly meditation at the Academy. One of them is Russian and felt lots of joy inside.
In the Sanayeh public garden, 152 people received their realization, among them about 50 kids and many of them kept coming to receive again and again their realization. Many asked if there is a place to meet to continue learning about Sahaja Yoga.
Also mostly the kids enjoyed singing small parts of bhajans like "Ganesha Ganesha" . A 10 years old girl asked "is there anything more to say?", so we gave a brief explanation about the affirmation for each chakra. And also another lovely boy asked the same, he stayed with us until we left, we hugged him many times and he found it not easy to leave us. Another boy asked "what's the meaning of Ganesha?" (the reply was Innocence). (Lebanese yogini)


Andrei said...


My name is Andrew and i would like to know if there is any contact person, number or adress from Lebanon?

John Noyce said...

yes there is - please provide your email and/or facebook details.

andrea said...

hello, Jai Shri Mataji!

I wish I could contact Mohabbat from Lebanon or some other yogi from there since we (a very entusistic team of yuvas) are keen to come in lebanon soon to spread sahaj!

please if you know some yogi's contact details from lebanon let's write to me in facebook. I'm Andrea Mele from Italy. JSM

John Noyce said...

I've forwarded your message to a Sahaja couple who have recently moved to Lebanon.