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The Kundalini as tape recorder

The dreams come to you from the Kundalini itself, in a way. So what happens, the Kundalini is not connected on the central path, but it is the record, is all our past, all our record is in there, like a tape recorder has a tape, it is there. And what happens, that when you go very deep into Sushupti, that's the stage they call it, very deep into you, then the symbolism comes through that down below and passes through that blue line [Ida nadi] into your brain and that’s how you start seeing the dreams. But when you are passing through that you see, you pass through all your subconscious area, so the dreams get distorted, they get a funny symbolism. Sometimes you don't understand what's happening, it becomes a sort of a mixed up expression and on that to depend may not be so much good. Instead of that we must get the reality. The reality is that you become collectively conscious and you develop this vibratory awareness by which you can feel the All Pervading Power.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Talk to the C.J.Jung Society, New York, September 1983 (1983-0916)

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