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Awakening the 'Baby Boomers'

Sahaja Yoga found itself once more performing public realisation within the vast expanses of the Melbourne exhibition centre (Melbourne, Australia). On this occasion the forum was the oddly named Baby Boomers Lifestyle Expo. Far from making any meaningful contribution to the cause of health and well being, it was a thinly veiled grab for a piece of the accumulated life savings of a generation approaching retirement.
There was however, one exhibitor whose motivation was not the extraction of the public's hard earned, namely the Sahaja yogis whose only pure desire was to give of themselves the magical gift of realisation in the name of our Divine Mother. Such a contrast was the presence of Sahaja Yoga that we seemed rather out of place. Sahaj provided a sharp juxtaposition to the pop up landscape of slick, snake oil salesmen and power suited blondes in short skirts wearing fake smiles that could not hide the smell of desperation. So much so that many were staggered that we operated our service free of charge. One gentleman, upon being informed of our free programs, furrowed his brow with incredulity and exclaimed, "So how do you make any money?"
Over 200 received their realisation and a loving dose of vibrations for good measure.
An interesting story to arise from the expo was the plight of the wine tasting stall next to the Yogis. Our initial concern about giving realisation to boozy seekers would prove to be completely unfounded. The two lovely young ladies hosting the wine stall were given their realisation and, despite their charm and quite a well designed presentation, they were forced early on day 2 to close down their operation and relocate to a different position due to a lack of customers! Sahaj, on the other hand, continued to receive a steady flow. Yogis - 1, negativity - 0. (Simon)

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