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Giving realisation in the temple

The acclaimed Indian singer and Sahaja yogi, Sanjay Talwar, reports on his recent experience in Canada:

I just got back from the Hindu Temple programme.
We were given 20 minutes to talk about Sahaja Yoga and provide meditation. Edward and Brigetta (visiting yogis from Vienna), along with Osge from Vancouver set up the stage with Shri Mataji's big picture and the chakra chart beside it.
I began speaking around 1220 pm and exactly at 1245 pm the realisation started. More than 40 people were in the hall at that time and another 40 maybe were outside. As I started speaking, people became interested and stopped talking. There was rapt attention and I could go through the entire realisation with great ease. Most of them got their realisation.
I was then asked to sing two bhajans. I sang the Ganesha Sthuti followed by Vishwa Vandita. Osge accompanied me on the harmonium and Edward played the dholak. The vibrations were very good. People were spell bound with the entire experience. The singing did the final trick. As soon as I was finished, we were surrounded by the seekers, telling us what an amazing Yoga was Sahaj yoga. They never ever knew something like this existed. Later we went into the shrine area of the temple and gave realisation to the priest.
We distributed the Sahaj booklets and asked them to visit the official SY website to find more answers. Later they invited me to sing two more songs. I sang Omkaar Swaroopa and one from Bulle Shah. Everyone was enthralled. The President and Trustee of the Temple specially came forward and gave me a tight hug. He said, the moment he heard me sing, he had to leave whatever he was doing and was compelled to listen to me. He then announced that he had found
a hira (a gem) in me.
I distributed my Bhajan CDs free of cost to many.
The whole atmosphere was very charged The audience was a mix of East Indians and Canadians.
The experience was very humbling. It was like Shri Mataji was there Herself. We took pictures which are now being carried by Osge and Edward to Vancouver. They will be on mail shortly. Tomorrow morning at 11 am they want me to say the prayer to Lord
Ganapati and I will be reciting the Ganesha Arthava Sheesha followed by a few bhajans and patriotic songs. I think we may have more realizations, as people showed a lot of interest. The seeking seems very strong here. I pray to Mother for more realisations and complete acceptance of Sahaj Yoga in Victoria (Canada).

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Moris said...

That's amazing.. way to go! It's great to hear that people accept sahaja yoga and enjoy it :)