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Mental problems

Advice by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"On the left side, one starts getting many diseases like schizophrenia, in the upper level of this ‘group’. This side, these same seven centers act to give you very serious troubles. One of them is that people become schizophrenic. It can be cured; it can be cured, if you can move that person to the center. And by Kundalini awakening you can do it."
(Navaratri Puja 2000)

"Now, you see the disease of schizophrenia also can come from Mooladhara problem."
(Shri Ganesha Puja 26/8/90)

"All your incurable diseases, right from all muscular troubles like Mellitus and all that, all your incurable diseases right from Cancer onwards, all your psychosomatic problems right from Schizophrenia and everything come because of the disturbance in Mooladhara. When the roots are not all right, how can you cure the tree? If the roots are all right then any medicine can reach any center, any area, any place, any fruit. But if the roots are not all right, how can you work it out?"
(Establishing Shri Ganesh principle, San Diego, USA, 7/9/86)

“Apart from that [ie. diseases of the physical side] we have the mental troubles with people. Like a left sided person will have a mental problem, like he will be a sly person, he will be a frightened person, he would not be talking to others, he would be nervous, he would not have self-confidence, he will be running away from public. And also then, he becomes schizophrenic that he hibernates sort of thing in the house, becomes like a cabbage. That kind of a lunatic he becomes.”
(Sickness and its cure, New Delhi, 9/2/83, Nirmala Yoga no.25)

“… Americans have got into problems of very serious nature, of very horrible diseases which I have predicted. Two of them, one which comes from AIDS and another one where a brain goes off, a person becomes mad at a very young age.”
(Talk, evening before Diwali 1985)

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