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1991-0406 Shri Bhavasagara Puja Brisbane from Sahaja Library

So there are two types of meditation, two types, where one is the meditation where, we can call it the Antarmana, that we meditate inside ourselves. To see for ourselves what's wrong with us, and how we have to correct, what we have to do about it. And another is Bahirmana, is outside, how we have to live outside. You have to have a discipline, which is not imposed on you but, very happily, which you have accepted and have imbibed. For any art, say in India, I don't know here, but you have to put yourself into a rigorous training to achieve any height. You cannot haphazardly move about it. You cannot take just easily everything. In Sahaja Yoga there is no tapascharya, there is no penance for you. It's all blessings. But one should not get lost with those blessings, if you have to really get into yourself in its full depth.

So, for the Antarmana it is important that you all should meditate, morning and evening, every day. Is all right even if you do not brush your teeth, but you must meditate, is an important thing. That is the reason I find that in the West people go on catching, again cleaning, again catching. Every time I come, find somebody is suffering from either, for some sort of a conditioning, or say, some sort of a badha, or sometimes it's ego or something. It comes and goes. It is not something that is detached permanently. As we have to take our bath every day, we have to wash ourselves every day, in the same way we have to wash ourselves within. So meditation is the Antarmana Tapaha, as you can call it. But it's not such a tapaha even. You don't have to go to Himalayas and sit there. You have to just do this meditation early in the morning. ...

So now, what you have to do is to, at the very first shot when you get up in the morning, you first say that: "Let me see, what is my responsibility, as a Sahaja Yogi?" After some time you will start enjoying it, because it will give you such tremendous powers, such tremendous experience. Now then, you just sit down with very humble mind, and first of all say: "Mother, if I have any ego, please take away. Mother, if I have any conditioning, please take away; because I'm a seeker out and out, I don't want all these things." But if you do not meditate, then this Mr. Ego will secretly crawl upon you, and you may try to become the leader, or some sort of an assertion you'll do, some sort of a stupid ego actions, which we have many in Sahaja Yoga. If you write them down, you'll not know how to stop laughing. So to warn yourself, I would say that the only way to protect yourself is to do the meditation in the morning and evening, and also to keep yourself in complete bandhan. Yours is a very important role and a very important time, extremely important. You have no idea, that in the history of spirituality no one could do so much as you can do. So, if you really do the Antarmana, if you really see inside yourself, while meditating you see yourself, your chakras and all that, and then you find out this introspection: "Why am I like this?" Just separate from yourself, see for yourself: "Why am I like this? Why I did like this? Why do I think like this? Who am I?" These questions when answered, you will know all your worth, your value.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extracts from Shri Bhavasagara Puja, Brisbane, Australia, 6/4/91

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