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Diwali 2001

Today is a day of very great happening, I should say. Celebrating the Diwali is a very, very joyous thing. But this joy is not for ourselves; this joy is for the whole world. We have to work for the whole world. We work for ourselves, for our jobs, for our money, whatever it is, but what are you doing for others? That you should see for yourself, and that's very important. Only such people are useful in Sahaja Yoga because they have concern, they have care, and they are doing something for others. It's a great enjoyment with that, when the lights are burning, it's to give you happiness; they are burning their bodies to give you happiness. They are the ones who should teach us that we have to do something ourselves to enjoy our own higher awareness. ...

Now as it is, what is the aim after all, what is the aim of our lives? We have to change the whole world into a peaceful theme. Changing yourself, of course, is great thing, no doubt; but changing others also will stop all the problems of the world. If all the people of this world become good people, Sahaja yogis, then can you imagine what will happen? Think of that dream I have, that we have to change each and every person that we can change, and we have to transform them into good people. If they are not transformed they are like a candle without any flame in it. And if they are capable of getting transformed, we should try all methods, all the tricks to do that. I'm sure very soon such a day will come when you will say, "Mother, now we are very safe." Don't think of the past and the problems of the past – you have now overcome it. Just enjoy yourself and have faith in yourself, and work it out. I am sure very soon it will happen, very quickly it will happen. It is your desire, also your method of working it out, your anxiety to work it out. Main anxiety should be, "How can I transform this person?" You can transform anyone. ...

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extracts from Diwali Puja 2001, Lake Piru, USA

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