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The Chakras in Islam

"These Chakras are known as Alam or Latifa in Islam and in Sufism respectively.
One of the names of Allah is Al-Latif, which means the subtle one or the one who knows all subtleties.
Hence the word for Chakras used is Latifa which means subtle centre.
Chakras are indeed subtle centres which when awakened give a person his self-realisation."

Mooladhara Chakra / Alam-e-Fa'ani / Latifa Kalabiyah
Swadhistana Chakra / Alam-e-Masout / Latifa Nafsiyah
Nabhi Chakra / Alam-e-Lahoot / Latifa Kalhbiyah
Anahata Chakra / Alam-e-Sahoot / Latifa Sirriyah
Vishuddhi Chakra / Alam-e-Malkoot / Latifa Ruhiyah
Agnya Chakra / Alam-e-Jabroot / Latifa Khafiyah
Sahastrara Chakra / Alam-e-Lahoot / Latifa Haqqiyah

Source: Javed Khan, Islam Enlightened (New Delhi: Ritana Books, 1998), p63

Yogic insights into Islam

note (1/2010): there is no uniformity amongst the Sufi traditions as to the locations of the latifa. In the tradition of the Persian Sufi, Alaoddawleh Semnani (13th/14th century)), the Qalbiya corresponds to the Heart.
The Latifa

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