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Techniques and Sahaja Yoga meditation

We might use a few simple techniques to enter a state of meditation and quieten the mind, but meditation is not only techniques. There is a kind of “letting go”; Sahaja Yoga Meditation does not require any mental concentration. On the other hand, there is no loss of control; one is completely “in charge” of one’s own meditation. (The ultimate goal, in fact, is more complete self-mastery, self-knowledge, and self-awareness.) Meditation does not involve physical exercises or mental effort.
(American Sahaja yogi)

Sahaja cannot be heard with the ears, neither can it be seen with the eyes;
It is not affected by air nor burnt by fire;
It is not wet in intense rain, it neither increases nor decreases,
It neither exists nor does it die out with the decay of the body;
The Sahaja bliss is only oneness of emotions – it is oneness in all.

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