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Cool v. Ice-cold Vibrations

Some Sahaja yogis are being mislead into thinking that freezing vibrations indicate the truth. That is not so. Only cool vibrations show the truth. On the vibrational level, Ice-cold = Hot

extract from 1981-1029 Practical Session - London

"If it is freezingly cold that means left side - if you got very cold, you see? I mean, it can never be. Cool breeze is actually, is never very cool, it’s not freezing. ...
It is slightly less than your body temperature. It’s not so very cooling as to freeze you. If it is hot, then (also) something wrong with you."
H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Q+A after Talk on Subconscious and Supraconscious, London, 1981-0524

" You might feel extremely cool if you are a low blood pressure patient. If you are (a) left sided persons . . . if you are possessed, you feel absolutely cool, very cool. That's not good. Feeling cool is different from a cool breeze; like you feel a breeze coming. But should not be hot in any case. Hot is a very dangerous thing. If it is too hot, that heat , it's not good."
(Public Program, Houston, USA, 1986-0501)

"Now some people might feel absolutely cold, just like frozen, that’s also not a good sign that means you are left sided .Some of you may feel that kind of a thing. It’s not the feeling. Its the cold, is the point. It is the feeling of the cool breeze, is a breeze like feeling that you get."
(Public Program, Santa Cruz, USA, 1981-1018)

An English Sahaja yogi adds: I remember back in the early 80’s I was working on someone at a public meeting and I felt very cold vibrations coming from him, I had never felt this before and was slightly puzzled, so I went to Shri Mataji and asked her what it meant. She said: “It means they are going to die.” This made it very clear to me that cold was not good.

An American Sahaja yogi adds: This is an important issue, for it keeps coming up, over and over. I remember in Italy, a young supporter of G***o, saying that when the Italian yuvas checked the vibrations as to whether they should support G***o, or the World Council, the vibrations in favor of G***o were icy cold. This young man simply would not believe or accept that icy cold was as bad as hot.

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entry updated 22/11/2016. thanks to Johan DeCocker for additional research.

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