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The Fourteen Levels

God has created fourteen levels within us. If you simply count them, then you know that there are seven chakras within us. Beside these, there are two more chakras, about which you do not talk much. They are the Chakra of Moon (Lalita) and Chakra of Sun (Shri) . Then there is Hamsa Chakra. Thus, there are three more. Seven plus three makes ten. Then there are four chakras above Sahastrara. And about these chakras also I have told you: Ardha-bindu, Bindu, Valaya, and Pradakshina. These are the four. After coming to Sahaja Yoga and after your Sahastrara has opened, you have to pass through these four Chakras, Ardha-bindu, Bindu, Valay, and Pradakshina. After passing through these four chakras only you can say that you have become a Sahaja yogi.
And if you see from another angle, we have to cross fourteen stages in reaching up to Sahastrara. If you divide them then there are seven chakras situated on the Ida Nadi and seven on the Pingala Nadi. ...
This 'fourteen' is very important in Kundalini Shashtra (science). Very important. It's a very important thing. We should fully understand that we become entitled to the blessings of Sahaja Yoga only after rising above these fourteen stages.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Talk on Sahastrara Day 1983, Bombay (now Mumbai), India

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