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Sahaja Yoga in Myanmar

Extracts from a report on the recent Sahaja Yoga public programs and seminar in Mandalay, Myanmar:

The theme was music therapy and meditation.

We had 2 programs/seminar of four hours each. The first one had more than 300 people attending, with many being left out of the room and standing outside and the second one near in a loverly arrangement near the swimming pool with more than 100 people attending. We explained the basic of Sahaj and went on with the music therapy part, letting them feel vibrations of different kinds of music, having them sing notes, Aum...
The Burmese people were very interested, alert and extremely open to Sahaja Yoga. We found them to be very receptive, simple and innocent.
The country is not much developed and as such there are very few "temptations": no big shopping malls, no fashion craze, no "entertainement area". We went to the biggest Buddhist temple in Yangoon and found people deeply devoted and meditating there with good vibrations.
In Mandalay, I would dare say that the Sahaja Yoga program was one of the most exciting things happening around since long I guess, which really was a blessing for them and for us. We had such a deep joy and shared a feeling that something historical was happening: the first big opening of a new country who will provide us with wonderful brothers and sisters in the future, breaking the nationality barriers to unite all.
While the vibrations were heavy on the left side before the program, it got cleared very well in the first program, while on the second day the Sahastrara was completely opened all the time. Such a wonderful joy giving experience. I will never forget it as it feels my heart with deep beautiful emotions and vibrations every time I think about it.
We had a series of miracles pictures it seems with a chakra form appearing with lights a bit every where. It is quite interesting really. Please have a look...
(Pascal, Thailand)

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