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Hot, Ice-cold and Cool Vibrations

"Now the energy of God also some people say has to be hot. “You have to feel hot.” Some people feel that if you go to someone and you feel very hot energy coming from that person, is vibrations. Now any machine, which goes out of order, gives hot vibration. Any friction gives hot vibrations. But to judge it, best is for you to see what happens in Sahaj Yoga. Supposing there’s a cancer patient sitting and there’s a mad person sitting, and a one Sahaj Yogi sitting or a born realized is sitting. The person who has a cancer will give such heat that you’ll have to put off your heaters. The mad person also may give such heat that you will be amazed at the way the heat is coming or maybe sometimes such frozen hands it will have. He’ll have such weaknesses; his hands will be shaking; he’ll become absolutely frozen; he’ll go into a trance, his eyes will become transfixed. But a realized soul, if he’s a born realized, he’ll get a cool breeze in a Sahaj Yoga. And you should find out what sort of sources they have come? That’s how relatively you can find out the absolute. The one who is suffering from cancer has got hot. The one who, he has been to a spiritualist and is suffering from possession has got hot. So, the one who has got the cool breeze is the one who is really realized."

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Talk on "The Heart of the Universe", Caxton Hall, London, 14/9/81

One thing you must understand. Anybody who says, now I have got vibrations, some people go to someone and feel heated up. Then they want to get heated up more and more and more. This heat is coming from that man and is going to increase your heat all the time and it is going to increase and increase and increase and your chakras are going to be ruined completely by this man. It has to be reduced. It has to come to the cooling point and you must feel the cooling point. If you cannot feel the cooling point then you must know that this man is absolutely wrong. Heat is not the sign of cleansing. When you are feeling heat here now, for example, it is because the cleansing is taking place. Once the cleansing is over the cool breeze must flow in and you must feel the cool breeze. Now some people might feel absolutely cold, just like frozen, that's also not a good sign that means you are left sided .Some of you may feel that kind of a thing. It's not the feeling. It's the cold, is the point. It is the feeling of the cool breeze, is a breeze like feeling that you get. From my photograph also you will get. That's the way you have to judge yourself. You judge yourself, establish yourself, keep your chakras clean..

extract from Talk at Public program, Santa Cruz, California, USA, 18/10/81

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